Future-proof protein

PEKILO® is a highly nutritious, fungi-based protein with neutral taste and color. As a versatile and sustainable source of nutrients, PEKILO® makes an ideal drop-in ingredient for aquafeed, pet food, and food production.


Produced in a highly controlled fermentation process, we provide uniform quality 24/7/365. PEKILO® has a long use history in animal nutrition and we are in the process of approval for human consumption.


PEKILO® is packed full on nutrients. Very high in complete protein, PEKILO® also brings quality fiber, minerals, fats and vitamins to the table in a well rounded package.

Competitive economics

The PEKILO® process was originally developed to produce feed protein for pigs and poultry. Low-cost raw materials and streamlined process solutions make it the most competitive alternative protein out there.

Neutral taste and color
Highly nutritious & rich in complete protein
Easy to use drop-in ingredient
Fewer GHG emissions, less water and land needed compared to animal and soy protein

PEKILO® is an ideal drop-in ingredient for food producers looking for a sustainable protein source with neutral taste and texture. PEKILO® contains up to 55% protein, 35% fibre, has an optimal amino acid composition, and is rich in vitamin B.

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High protein formula
Rich in omega-6 fatty acids

PEKILO®Aqua is an easy-to-use drop-in ingredient containing 65% crude protein as well as beta-glucan and nucleotides. Fit for formulation and faster growth, PEKILO®Aqua is paving the way for more sustainably farmed fish.

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Approved by the EU
65 % of highly digestible, well balanced protein
Rich in nucleotides and beta-glucans (both >10%), providing improved fish health and growth

PEKILO®Pet is a high-protein, animal-free drop-in ingredient. Sustainably produced, PEKILO®Pet is the natural choice for all pet food producers offering planet friendly dietary options.

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On the EU Feed Materials Catalogue
High in protein and fiber
Pets love it. Palatable to both cats and dogs

Tried and tested.

Alternative protein solutions are nothing new to us. PEKILO® has been in industrial production already during 1975–1991. With a production process optimised for efficiency, applications are only limited by imagination.

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