Ingredients for a sustainable food chain

Transforming circular economy by-products into planet friendly protein – this is our recipe for a sustainable food system that enables healthy and tasty diets for all.

The missing

PEKILO® is a highly nutritious, fungi-based protein with natural taste and color. As a versatile and sustainable source of nutrients, PEKILO® makes an ideal drop-in ingredient for aquafeed, pet food, and food production.
Neutral taste and texture
Highly nutritious & rich in protein
Easy to use drop-in ingredient
Fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to animal and soy protein

Tried and tested​.

Alternative protein solutions are nothing new to us. PEKILO® has been in industrial production already during 1975–1991. With a production process optimised for efficiency, applications are only limited by imagination.

PEKILO® is an ideal drop-in ingredient for food producers looking for a sustainable protein source with neutral taste and texture. PEKILO® contains up to 55% protein, 35% fibre, has an optimal amino acid composition, and is rich in vitamin B.

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PEKILO®Aqua is an easy-to-use drop-in ingredient containing 65% crude protein as well as beta-glucan and nucleotides. Fit for formulation and faster growth, PEKILO®Aqua is paving the way for more sustainably farmed fish.

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PEKILO®Pet is a high-protein, animal-free drop-in ingredient. Sustainably produced, PEKILO®Pet is the natural choice for all pet food producers offering planet friendly dietary options.

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