Ingredients for a sustainable food chain

Transforming circular economy by-products into planet friendly protein.

This is our recipe for a sustainable food system that enables healthy and tasty diets for all.

Future-proof protein

PEKILO® products

PEKILO® is a highly nutritious, fungi-based protein with neutral taste and color. As a versatile and sustainable source of nutrients, PEKILO® makes an ideal drop-in ingredient for aquafeed, pet food, and food production.

Neutral taste and color
Highly nutritious & rich in complete protein
Easy to use drop-in ingredient
Fewer GHG emissions, less water and land needed compared to animal and soy protein

PEKILO® is an ideal drop-in ingredient for the food industry seeking a sustainable protein source with neutral taste and color. PEKILO® contains up to 55% of protein, a balanced amino acid profile, omega-6 and 35% of fiber. Its versatility, nutritional value and functionalities make it one of a kind.

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PEKILO®Aqua is an easy-to-use drop-in ingredient containing 65% crude protein as well as beta-glucan and nucleotides. Fit for formulation and faster growth, PEKILO®Aqua is paving the way for more sustainably farmed fish.

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PEKILO®Pet is a high-protein, animal-free drop-in ingredient. Sustainably produced, PEKILO®Pet is the natural choice for all pet food producers looking to offer planet friendly dietary options.

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Why Fungi?

Flora, fauna… and funga!

Fungi have been a natural part of the human diet for millennia, but still offer much untapped potential. Today, we humans derive our protein from plants or animals. Fungi form a kingdom completely apart, being neither plants nor animals. They can offer us the best of both worlds and more!

Fungal mycoprotein matches the nutritional quality of animal protein. Fungi create completely new protein, distinguishing them from animals that simply convert plant-derived protein.

The production of mycoprotein is sustainable and ethical like that of plant proteins – and even better. Producing PEKILO® mycoprotein requires no new agricultural land, minimal water, leads to no nutrient runoff and thus has a very low environmental footprint.

More than 70%

less GHG emissions

compared to imported soy protein. Our product is sustainably produced from side streams using minimal water and land.

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Tried and tested​.

Alternative protein solutions are nothing new to us. PEKILO® has been in industrial production already during 1975–1991. With a production process optimised for efficiency, applications are only limited by imagination.

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